AES-31The secret origin of Alter Egos Society

With a love of superheroes, science fiction, and creativity, Benja Barker started Alter Egos Society in Portland, Oregon in 2007. The first event started as an excuse to make an awesome superhero costume and evolved into the first of many costume party/charity fundraisers to support the mentoring of homeless youth (for the heroic non-profit p:ear). With a focus on dreaming up original characters and the help of an amazing array of volunteers, Alter Egos Society has continued to develop new ways to have fun for a better world.

Alter Egos Society has hosted more than a dozen costumed events, produced an epic amateur film, raised thousands of dollars for charity, fostered creative costuming, and brought strange and wonderful experiences to the unsuspecting public.

In addition to our charity work, our special agents are available for costumed character appearances and costuming workshops. We’ve recently begun accepting commissions for costume design and fabrication and are now offering original, handcrafted costume pieces for purchase.

History and Highlights

Since our humble beginnings, we’ve been lucky to work with dozens of great local businesses and organizations on some ridiculously awesome projects. Here are some highlights from the past several years:

October 2007

Our origin! The first Hero/Villain Ceasefire costume party/charity concert.

April 2008

Our first annual Hero/Villain Power Struggle pub crawl.

July 2009

Our movie, Archives of the Fantastic: The Ninth Cosmic Convergence premieres at the Bagdad Theater. DVDs are sold at local comic book shops. All profits pledged to p:ear to support their mission of mentoring homeless youth.

April 2010

Testified before Portland City Council regarding our support of community organizations such as Stumptown Comics Fest and p:ear.

April 2011

Administered Project: Mayor-Man, a contest to design a superhero costume for the mayor of Portland, in partnership with Stumptown Comics Foundation. Fabricated the winning costume design which Mayor Sam Adams wore to support the local comic book industry raise money for  p:ear.

September 2012

Our first year participating in Portland Mini Maker Faire. Provided materials and assistance to hundreds of attendees making vinyl masks.

October 2013

Mask making for OMSI After Dark